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Colour overlay for web pages

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Many webs have options for coloured overlays, but they are all different, and the user has to set them up on every web he visits. It would be helpful for dyslexic people and people with visual stress to be able to use the same options on every web, including WordPress free webs on which we cannot provide colour options.

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This idea started the ATbar colour overlay project.

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Posted by E.A. Draffan on Saturday 19th of January 2013, 05:28 pm
Jean thank you so much for adding this idea and I agree it would be so good to have persistence with this bookmark type overlays. I have just tried ATbar colour overlay plugin that we have just made and it will offer you a colour overlay on the BDA NTC site but you will have to reload the toolbar each time you have a new web page so not a complete solution sadly. I have made a little video to show my attempts to colour the BDANTC Wordpress website.
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